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The Farming Health Hub – the first of its kind to be developed in England– is a totally new concept where organisations from the private, public and voluntary sectors will join together to provide advice, support and guidance to farming communities in local venues, such as livestock markets and pop up venues rather than farmers and their families having to visit more formal environments.

The Hub is built on a desire to build on Cornwall’s reputation for partnership working to create a new organisation in which private, public and voluntary sector organisations work together to provide confidential advice around Physical Health, Mental Health and Business Health to farmers and their families in their day to day lives.

The aim of the Farming Health Hub is to offer a range of support within the three main areas. These include general physical health checks, such as eye and hearing tests, diabetes, cholesterol and dental health checks and mental health support, including managing stress, anxiety and depression and coping with rural isolation and loneliness. The Hub will also work with organisations such as Cornwall Young Farmers, Public Health and health partners, and employers to deliver mental health campaigns.

Farmers will also be offered support in developing their businesses, including financial and legal health checks and advice; support with education and training and applications for grant funding and welfare support. Other plans include providing support for specific groups such as young farmers and women.

A press release was issued on 14 March 2019 and can be read here

“Farming Health Hub will provide an absolute lifeline for farmers in the South West facing mounting pressures”

South West Farmer

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