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February 20, 2021

Sound for wellbeing projects from Justin Wiggan

Category: Mental health

Justin Wiggan is a sound and performance artist aiming to discover the links between the internal tourist and the external explorer.

Justin is prolifically inspirational and creative, We’ve featured some projects here on FHH, and are please to highlight more of his work below.

Echos of Agriculture and Fishing

Life Echo

The Listening Passoport

Book Sniffers Club

More from Justin Wiggan

Internal Garden

Internal Garden is an immersive sound art research performance programme of live investigation, interactive art installation, educational events and a public exhibition in context of the themes of the sound art and plant consciousness.

Centre Of Curious Sonic Investigation

Mallsoft & Calm

Mallsoft and Calm is a collaboration between Creative Health CIC and Justin Wiggan. It is inspired by the phenomenon of Mallsoft: an emerging genre created by an online community, taking cues from mood music in shopping malls and manipulating it.

I wish I could sing like a bird

This Way Up is a wellbeing project for adults, run by Creative Health (arts and health) CIC. The project celebrates the artistic talents of people living in Wolverhampton and Staffordshire. During the Spring and Summer of 2017 residents living at Limewood Dementia Support centre had the opportunity to take part in weekly workshops led by professional artists.
Limewood is run by Choices and is a purpose built centre in Stafford offering residential and nursing care for people with dementia. Residents live in small clusters –  each cluster of 8 rooms has its own open plan living area  arranged around an internal courtyard garden.

Sound artist Justin Wiggan worked with the residents on clusters 1 and 3 at Limewood, a new dementia care home in Stafford. He created a playlist of their favourite songs being sung by birds which have a special personal connection or meaning. The title comes from a statement a resident said during a session.

Names In The Sky

BC radio 4  documentary about Justin’s bird song project fro children who have passed away.

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