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February 19, 2021

Echos of Agriculture and Fishing

Categories: Campaigns Mental health

Echo Point will use sounds to influence breathing reduce agitation and sustained resilience in Cornish Farming and Fishing communities

The project will focus on providing an interventional safe space activity which contains sound to redirect negative thoughts into more positive ones resulting in potential behavioural change, both in personal space and social space, co-produced with the Cornish farming and fishing community in collaboration with Farming Health Hub and Fairwinds.

We want to change behaviours and attitudes around health and wellbeing in farming and reach those most in need. Poor mental health is a widely discussed topic within the farming and fishing community with a perceived gap in support for farmers, especially in isolated rural areas in Cornwall. Farmers and fishermen and woman are one of the professional groups at highest risk of suicide in England and Wales, accounting for about 1% of all suicides. In general, stoic attitudes may make it more likely for people living and working in rural communities to deny mental health problems or postpone seeking medical or associated services until it is economically necessary (Kilpatrick et al, 2012).

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